Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park offers various facilities for active recreation – obstacle courses, boating and rafting, horse riding, cycling tourism, as well as animal and bird watching tours. The territory of Gauja National Park involves many nature trails for exciting and educational hiking. You can go on attractive excursions to castles, manors and museums. In addition, every visitor can explore the lifestyle of ancient inhabitants by trying various crafts and activities, enjoying medieval meals and participating in historic games. Also, the diversity of cultural and art events in the region of Gauja National Park is astonishing – concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions, music and art festivals and many fascinating holidays. In winter, you can ski, snowboard or have a sleigh ride in fabulous nature, and go to explore the colourful icefalls and rejoice at the white landscapes of the park, walking over the snow drifts in snowshoes.


  • This primordial park will reveal to you a diverse world of plants and animals, magnificent rocks, mysterious caves, lively brooks, the curvy Gauja River, as well as old castles and manors; 
  • Gauja National Park hosts more than 500 cultural-historical monuments;
  • Extensive facilities for active recreation: obstacle courses, boating and rafting, horse riding, cycling tourism, as well as animal and bird watching tours; 
  • A wide diversity of educational and picturesque routes according to the level of fitness of each visitor; 
  • The diversity of cultural and art events of Gauja National Park region is astonishing. Each day offers concerts, theatre performances, as well as music and art festivals and other exciting holidays;
  • The vertical wind tunnel Aerodium in Sigulda is a unique place, where airflow allows to overcome gravity and feel the freedom of flight like a free bird;
  • Extensive opportunities to enjoy traditional and modern Latvian dishes and beverages for gourmets;
  • An exciting range of active recreation opportunities also in winter - skiing, wild nature tours, sleigh rides and much more. 




Please ask the hotel reception about the excursion possibilities for groups and spending time in the territory of Gauja National Park. Source of information:

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