Meet our restaurants

Easy Breezy - Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell International

Easy Breezy restaurant introduces the spirit of a big city and serves international cuisine with local touch. 

Elefant - Rixwell Elefant Hotel

White elephant statue comes first to sight and welcomes guests to enjoy a relaxing meal from our fine a la carte menu, which offers a wide range of European dishes.

Two More Beers

There is a new beer pub in Old Town Riga with more than 100 different varieties and excellently prepared beer complimenting dishes or a favourite classic prepared by chef Andris Jugāns.

Rukis - Rixwell Viru Square Hotel

A peaceful spot in the heart of Tallinn's Old Town with the opportunity to taste exquisite coffee, home-made cuisine, pastries and various cakes!

Savoy - Savoy Boutique Hotel

The restaurant at the Savoy Boutique Hotel is a great place to spend time with pleasant company and try delicious dishes. For private meetings, there are tables in the niche. From the tables under the large and spacious windows, you can follow the hustle and bustle of the streets of the old city.

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